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These are a few of the different training

options I provide. I

am always  thinking outside of the box and

so should you. Fitness should be fun and

should be incorporated into life at many different levels. Think

of a fun way to get

more fitness into your life.



Fitness Programs

Specialty and Training Options


  • Pilates Reformer: Helps to establish torso stability and postural alignment while working limbs in a range of motion. Builds strength without adding bulk. You finish feeling relaxed, with a higher energy level.


  • Traveling Pilates/Personal Training: Training never got any easier than this. Sessions take place at your home or other location (work, park, etc.). A variety of portable equipment will be used as well as incorporating your own.  


  • Bridal Fitness Groups: Groups of 3 or more, enjoy the energy and camaraderie of a group and still get individualized attention as you all work toward a common goal, THE WEDDING! Everyone can get into shape from the bride to the bridesmaids to the mothers of the bride and groom. Sessions will include; strength, cardio, core, flexibility and a meal plan. Location to be determined by each group.


  • Pre & Postnatal w/Baby: Designed to give the new mother an opportunity to work out while bonding with her infant. Infants ages 6 weeks - 6 months can participate.

 * (Many postnatal classes have a waiting list. This enables us to monitor class size and provide classes for the most students.)


  • Online Personal Trainer: This is for you is you want a specialized program to fit your goals and needs. Everything comes to you on the computer. Excellent for those who can not afford a personal trainer one-on-one or is too far to train with me personally.

  • Workout Report Logs

  • Video Exercise Demos

  • Robust Nutritional Programs

  • Create Custom Meal Plans

  • Weekly Grocery List

  • Monthly Fitness Magazine


  • Fitness Facility Consultant: My experience as a group exercise director and program coordinator has given me knowledge in how to access equipment needs and programming for your facility. I have worked with major national gyms, churches, community centers and home gyms. Now it is time I work with you! 




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